Friday, September 14, 2012

The Object - Almaf-ool Beh المفعول به


يأكلُ الوَلَــــدُ الطعامَ Ya'kolo Al-walado Atta3ama
            (The boy is eating the food)
طبخ الرجلُ  الطعامَ  Ta-ba-kha Arra-jolo Atta-3ama
           (The man cooked the food)
صَنَعَ الخيَّـاطُ قميصًا Sa-na-3a Al-khayato Qameesan
           (The tailor sewed a shirt)
يسقي الفلاحُ الزَرْعَ  Yass-key Al-falaho Azara3a
           (The farmer waters the plants) 


Each sentence of the previous sentences is formed of a verb and 2 nouns:

The 1st noun, which we named : فاعـــــلاً  fa-3elan (subject) , because it is him/her who did the action.

The boy (الولـــــــــد) is the one who eats the food
and, The farmer (الفـــلاح) is the one who irrigates the plants 
The 2nd noun is that affected by the verb:
as the verb صَنَــــعَ Sana3a (made), which was done by the الخيَّـــــاطُ Al-khayato (The tailor) resulted in sewing the shirt القميص Al-Qamees
Also, الطبــــــخ Attabkho (cooking) was done by the الرجــــــل Arrajolo (The man) resulted in making the الطعامَ Atta-3ama (food)
Each one of those nouns, which resulted in due to the action (the verb) of the subject are named: مفعولاً به Maff-oolan beh (object)

*** What do you observe on the end letter of each noun that specify the object?

The answer is: we observe الفتحــــــــــة Al-fat-ha vole on the last letter of each object.

Specify the noun which did by the verb and the noun which was done by the verb in the following sentences:

the noun did the verb
the noun done by the verb
يُـذَاكِـرُ التلميذُ الـدَّرْسَ
 You-za-kero  A-tell-me-zo  addarsa
(The student studies the lesson)

يَلْعَبُ الولدُ الكُرَةَ
 Yal-3abo Al-walado Al-kora-ta
(The boy plays football)

يَشربُ المَرِيضُ الدَّوَاءَ
Yash-rabo Al-ma-reedo Adda-wa’a
(The patient drinks the medicine)

يبيعُ القصَّابُ اللحمَ
Ya-be3o Al-qassa-bo Allahma
(The butcher sells meat)

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