Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Beneficial Sentence

Look at the following form:
البستانُ جميلٌ Al-bos-tano Jameelon (The garden is nice)
This form is formed of two words: البستان and جميلٌ
If we took the word البستانُ separately we wouldn't understand the meaning, and also the same with the second word which is جميلٌ
Now... if we added each of the two words to the other one as mentioned البستانُ جميلٌ what would you understand?
If we said: البستانُ جميلٌ we would understand a complete meaning and learned that The garden is characterized with beauty (is nice), so this form is named: beneficial form, and each one of the two words is considered a part of such sentence.
So, the informative sentence is composed of parts, which are words.

Sort of Words

(1) The Noun :

1st Group: observe the following words: إبراهيم Ebraheem ليلى Layla محمد Mohamed
These words are names, which we name : 
sorts of non-living organisms , individuals, sorts of planets 
2nd Group: Observe the following words: القمح Alqamh (wheat), العدس Al-adds (Lentil), التفاح Atto-fah (apple)  
These words are nouns, which we name: 
sorts of animals, sorts of non-living organisms , sorts of planets 
3rd Group: Observe the following words: 
الحصان Al-who-san (the horse) الأسد Al-Assad (the lion) , الفيل Al-Feel (the elephant)
Such words with which we name: 
Individuals, sort of non-living organisms, sorts of animals.

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