Tuesday, September 18, 2012

(9) The Nominative Sentence

1.   البَّابُ مَكْسُورٌ
2.   الأبوابُ مفتوحةٌ
3.   الطريقُ وَاسِعٌ
4.   الشَّارِعُ مُزْدَحِمٌ

The examples above are complete sentences, each one is formed of two nouns, and the first one is called: مُبْتـَــــدأٌ (Mobta-da-on) – Debutante and the second noun is called خــــبر (Khabar-on) – News- and due to they start with a noun so it is called : جملةٌ اسْميةٌ (Joom-laton Es-me-ah) a nominative sentence.

Which of the following sentences is جملة فعلية  Verbal sentence , and جملة اسمية  Nominative sentence:

الجملـــــــــة The sentence
اســــــمية Nominative
فعليــة Verbal
المَزْرَعَةُ وَاسِعَةٌ  The ranch is large l wide

تَطيرُ العصافيرُ The little birds fly

تَلعَبُ البناتُ The girls play

الجَوُّ بَدِيعٌ The weather is great

يَنْدَمُ المُجْرِمُ The criminal regret

الفقيرُ مُحتاجٌ  The poor man is needy

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