Friday, October 26, 2012

Lesson (15): dJa-row Alis-me جَرُّ الاسْمِ

- سَافَرَ تِيْم إلَى مِيكْسِيكُو لَيْلَةَ أمْسٍ Sa-fa-ra Tim Ela Mexico Lay-lata Ams (Tim travelled to Mexico last night).  
- يَطِيرُ الصَّقْرُ عَاليًا فِي السَّمَاءِ  Ya-tero Assaqro A-lee-an Fee Assama (The falcon flies up in the sky).
- تُصْنَعُ الحَقَائِبُ مِنَ الجِلْدِ Toss-na-o Al-ha-ka-ebo Mena Al-jell-de (The bags are made of leather).
- تَرْقُدُ الحَمَامَةُ عَلَىَ البيضِ Tar-ko-do Al-ha-ma-ma-to Ala Al-bayde (dove lays on the eggs).
- عَفَوْنَا عَنْ المُسِيءِ A-faw-na Ann El-mo-sea-e (we forgave the naughty one).
- شَرِبْتُ الحِسَاءَ بِـالمِلْعَقَةِ Sha-rib-to Al-he-sa-a Bell-mell-aka (I drank the soap with spoon).
- صَنَعَ الخيَّاطُ رداءً لـتيري  Sa-na-a Al-khy-ato Re-da-an Lee-tea-re (Tailor made a dress for Terri).

- The words at the end of each of the above examples are all nouns.
- Each noun of them are preceded with one of the propositions (إلى، فِى، مِنْ، عَلَى، عَنْ، الباء، اللام)
- If we looked at the end of each of the previous nouns, which are preceded with any of the proposition particles mentioned , we observe it is ended with Kasra vole مجرورًا No reasons for such Kasra vole but being preceded with any of such proposition particles. So, they are named: حروفُ الجَرِّ  who-roof-o Al-Ja-re (Proposition Particles). 

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