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Vole Letters, and the Verbs in Present

Arabic language, has two sorts of vole letters ,
(1) the default or the original signs :

ba بَ  bo بُ be بِ b بْ  just read it without any vole 

(2) secondary voles,  و ، ا، ي
Present verbs always end with the Dumma vole ــُ  but there are some exceptions, as if the verb is followed by Noon Attawkeed (Noon of emphasizing) such as: واللهِ لأذاكرنَّ Wallahy La'ozakernna (I swear to God I will study) or after Adata Nasb (Nasb Articles),  or Adata djazm , or attached with Noon Al-Neswah, where it is built on Sokoon ( البناتُ يلعبنْ

Nasb Articles (Adawat Annasb أدوات النصب ):

  1. أن Anna : ex. عليكم أنْ تجتهدوا    Alaykom An Taj-tahe-do
  2. لنْ Lan   : ex. لَنْ يضيعَ جهدكم بإذنِ الله  Lan Ya-dee3o  Jah-da-kom  Be-eznellah (your efforts will never be in vain, with the God's willing)
  3. كي Kay : ex. ذاكروا كي تنالوا ما تتمنون  za-kero kay ta-na-loo ma tata-manoon   Study in order to you get what you wish
  4. لام التعليل Lam Atta'eleel : ex. صلُّوا لتدخلوا الجنَّةَ  Sallow le-tad-kholo Al-Janna  (Pray to enter the paradise)
  5. حتى Hatta  : ex. سأسافر حتى أكتسبَ خبرةً  Sa-Osafero Hatta Aktaseba Khebratan  I will travel to acquire experience
  6. فاء السببية وشروطها    Faa Al-Sababyato Wa Show-raw-taha   Causing (conditional) Fa and its conditions
The Conditions:
To be preceded by a cause for that comes after it, and should be preceded by a denial/ negative or command or prohibition / prevention , as follows: لَمْ أقَصِّرْ فَتعاقِبَنِي  Lam  Oqa-ser Fa-two-a-qe-ba-knee I didn't fail so you punish meتعاقبني is a present verb after Faa Assababyah تعاقبني فعل مضارع بعد فاء السببية ذاكر فَتنجح  Zaker Fa-tanja-ha  Study to succeed   هل أزورك فَتكرمنى؟  Hal Azoraka Fa-took-re-ma-knee?  Would I visit you so you hospitality me?   ليتك تذاكر فَتنجح  Laytaka Tozakera Fa-tanja-ha  I wish you study to to succeed   لعلك تتقي اللهَ فَيكافئك  La3alaka Tataqy Allaha fa-you-ka-fe'aka you ought to fear God to be rewarded   ولا تنازعوا فَتفشلوا  ًWa-la tana-za'o fa-tafsh-alo  Don't conflict otherwise you fail    ذاكر فَتنجح  Zaker Fa-tanja-ha  Study to succeed   ذاكر فَتنجح  Zaker Fa-tanja-ha  Study to succeed   ذاكر فَتنجح  Zaker Fa-tanja-ha  Study to succeed  

7.  لام الجحود  Lam Al-Jo-hood It is Lam preceded by verb to be in negative 
ex.: ما كان الله ليعذبهم وأنتَ فيهم  Ma Kana Allaho Leo-azebahom wa-anta Fee-him Allah wouldn't punish them as you are among them 
8. واو المعية Wow Al-Ma'aya Companion Wow letter 
ex.: لا تأكل السمك وتشرب اللبن La Ta'okla Assamaka Wa-tash-raba Allabana  Don't eat fish and drink milk
---- to be continued ---

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