Tuesday, November 8, 2011

أدوات النهي Forbidding Articles =फोर्बिद्डिंग articles

أدوات النهي = Forbidding Articles:
There is just one article used as forbidding article, Adata Nahy لا

This Article always comes before the verb which is in the present form, that starts only with تaddressing order to your listenner not to do something.
we have to put Sukkon on the last letter, instead of any other signs (Haraka) so, for example, verb as: يُشْرِكُ Youshriko
which means: he associate something else in his worshiping God : ; but when adding this verb to La Annahya; we change the Dumma on the last letter into Sukkon; and change letter Yaa ي to ت taa; لا تُشْرِكْ La Tosh rek; the one who does sherk مُشْرِكٌ Mosh'rekon (singular male) مُشرِكَةٌ Mosh'reka'ton (singular female) مُشْرِكونَ Mosh're'kona (plural l M) مُشْرِكَاتٌ Mosh're'katon (plural F)

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