Tuesday, June 21, 2011

حروف الهجاء The Alphabet

, at the beginning of a word represents a short vowel sound (a, i, or u), pronounced as in: (uncle, entire, off) a long i, or an ay sound.
Alif madda, آ, is used when a sustained 'a' sound occurs at the beginning of a word.
The next character has two forms. The joined form, بـ , is used when the character is followed by another character. The full form, ب , is used when that character appears by itself or at the end of a word. Remember that Arabic is read from right to left. Arabic characters are written form right to left as well. Pls. listen to the clip here, and try to concentrate , and focus on how to pronounce each letter, I already repeated every letter , starting with the name of the letter, and how to pronounce it in its 3 states (as we are going to explain it later) Pls. upload an audio file of your own reading as a proof you can read it, then I will help you out correcting your mistakes. waiting to hear your comments

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